We’re looking for The Next Great Comic Book!

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Three winners will receive a publishing contract for their entries. The Board of Judges is composed of Josel Nicolas, Mervin Malonzo and Tintin Pantoja.

Entries may be submitted to contest@flipside.ph by 31 January 2016.

Rules and Guidelines:
The contest is open to all individuals or group of individuals, except for employees of Flipside Publishing Services, Inc. and the judges. Only one entry per individual or group. A participant can only be part of one group.

All entries must be stand-alone, original works and must not have been previously published. Participants represent and warrant that the submission is their own work and has absolute ownership of all intellectual property rights thereto. Participants retain copyright of their submitted work.

Entries must be submitted via email. Submissions must be accompanied by names and contact details of entry participants. Deadline for entries is 31 January 2016.

Entries must contain a minimum of 12 pages. There are no restrictions on length. There is no limit to the themes or genres that can be submitted.

Submissions must be in JPG or PNG format, 300 dpi, and Letter-size (8.5 x 11 inches). Entries can be in either English or Filipino, in full color or black & white.

The Board of Judges shall have full discretion to determine which entries are the winners and shall be final, as long as the winning entries comply with the rules listed here. The Board of Judges can also choose not to award any prize if, in their judgment, no worthy submission has been entered.

The winning entries will be published in ebook format. Three winners will be selected: the grand prize winner receives P5,000.00 as an advance against royalties, first place runner-up receive P2,500.00 as an advance against royalties, and second runner-up receives P1,000.00 as an advance against royalties. Winners will be announced in March 2016.


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Flipside apologizes to T.Wei

Flipside Publishing apologizes to artist Tien Wei Hee regarding the images used for our comic book contest.

One of the designs for the promotional materials was based on the work of T. Wei. Our graphic artist misunderstood the concept of Derivative Works and believed that if an image was modified by X%, this would count as an Original Work. Flipside takes full responsibility for this error, and would like to apologize to T. Wei, the artist community at large, and comic creators. We also thank the parties that brought this matter to our attention.

Flipside Publishing upholds Intellectual Property Rights, and acted immediately upon learning of this infringement. We have taken down all materials with these images, and will be issuing a new poster with original design. We have also discussed on intellectual property laws with our artists and instituted a new company policy to prevent such occurrences.

For more information, a copy of the Intellectual Property Code is available from http://www.ipophil.gov.ph/images/Patents/IRRs/RepublicAct8293.pdf

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Of Book Covers and Blunders

Hey, readers. David from Flipside here. It’s been a while since we posted anything at all on this blog, but something happened a week ago which I felt I needed to address.

First, a chronology of events:

Last Thursday, March 5th, Paolo Chikiamco alerted me to the fact that Manilarama Music—which from what I gather is a local events organizer, focusing on indie bands and musicians—had put together a gig at Selda-Dos Music Bar and Studio with the theme ‘Alternative Alamat’. (Alternative Alamat is also the title of a book Paolo edited.) The gig took place on Thursday, February 26th. To promote the gig, Manilarama used the cover of the Alternative Alamat anthology in a poster—

Please pardon the incredibly low resolution.

Please pardon the incredibly low resolution.

Compare to the original book cover (presented here with a far more tolerable resolution)—


It would appear that all the folks at Manilarama did was to slap on a bunch of band names and some logos and then called it a day — they didn’t even remove the ‘EDITED BY PAOLO CHIKIAMCO’ at the bottom. But sloppy work wasn’t the problem. What bothered Paolo was that no one informed him that Manilarama would be repurposing the book cover as a poster, and that no one credited Mervin Malonzo (of Tabi Po fame), the person who designed said cover. Somehow, though, Paolo heard about the gig and saw the poster on Facebook. He shared the poster on his own timeline, where his friends and colleagues, including Mervin and myself, could see the lapse of judgment on Manilarama’s part. (I use that term with no sarcasm—I’ll explain later.)

A few people were quite pissed off at this infringement of rights, and quite understandably so. Paolo contacted Manilarama (not entirely sure, but I think it was either an email or a private message on Facebook) and asked them to—at the very least—credit Mervin. Mervin comically commented on the original post on Manilarama’s page, to the effect of “Ako ang nag-design ng book cover na ito. Walang nag-credit sa akin, kaya ako na lang ang magke-credit sa sarili ko.” I wasn’t directly involved in the book (I wasn’t even a Flipside employee yet when it was published), but as the current head of Flipside’s trade publishing arm, I thought I’d jump into the fray, anyway. (Because, hey, three voices are better than two, yeah?) I sent Manilarama a private message, requesting that they “update the post linked above to state explicitly that [they] used the cover of Paolo’s book to make the poster, and to give due credit to Mervin.” To this day, it appears that they haven’t even opened my message, so I guess I can’t really say I contributed much to rectifying the situation. I periodically monitored Manilarama’s page, but there would be no changes until the next day.

On Friday, March 6th, I checked Manilarama’s page again, and found that the caption to the poster (which previously only listed the gig’s details) had been edited—

Again, please forgive the low res.

Again, please forgive the low res.

On my end, I thought that was enough. But as Paolo pointed out, “‘thanking’ us for the art makes things *worse* not better,” and so he contacted them again to explain what, in fact, should be done. And so, another revision to the post was made, and thankfully, Paolo took a screenshot of said post—

Proper Credit v2.0 (or Apologia v1.0)

Proper Credit v2.0 (or Apologia v1.0)

So I thought about it again—and Paolo was right. Merely “thanking” him and Mervin for the cover implies that Manilarama sought and received Paolo and Mervin’s permission to use the cover prior to using it for their poster, which is simply inaccurate. Making things right would require admitting (not only to Paolo and Mervin, but also to their audience) that what they did was wrong. And to their credit, that, they did. Unfortunately, as of Monday, March 9, Manilarama had taken down any and all posts related to Alternative Alamat.

A side note: Some of Paolo’s friends wanted more retribution than that, but as Paolo pointed out, the way that the whole thing was carried out was “too slipshod, grade-school-plagiarist.” I tend to agree—I detect no malice behind the act (again, they didn’t even bother taking Paolo’s name off the cover!), so my conclusion is that they simply didn’t know any better.

Honestly, the idea of using reimagined folklore as a theme for a music gig is kind of awesome. If the whole thing were pulled off properly (and I’d heard about it early enough), I probably would’ve gone. This whole fiasco, it seems, is borne of the widespread notion that anything and everything on the Internet is free game. This could not be farther from the truth. Paolo, Mervin, Eliza Victoria, Dean and Nikki Alfar, and everyone else in the local writing community do this not for the money (it’s no secret we don’t exactly get rich off these books), but for the love of it. They take pride in the work they produce (and I take pride in helping to facilitate its production), and it would sting if someone were to appropriate said work for their own needs without bothering to ask permission. I would launch into a diatribe regarding intellectual property rights, but I find that I am unable to launch into diatribes in general. Ergo, I shall attempt a summary: I personally believe art and knowledge should be shared with all (I’m a fan of the idea behind Creative Commons), but I also believe that a person’s moral rights to their work—or the right of attribution, the right to have a work published anonymously or pseudonymously, and the right to the integrity of the work—should be irrevocable.

That is, as opposed to what the 2015 Palancas require of applicants. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist taking that dig!)

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Tikum Kadlum: Sugidanon (Epics) of Panay (Book 1)

After twenty-five years of hard work—the recording, transcribing, translating, cross-checking and more—the ten epics of Panay have finally been documented for posterity.

The University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing present the Sugidanon of Panay: Panay’s ten oral epics preserved for future generations in digital form. Tikum Kadlum (Black Dog), Book I, tells about the hunting spree of Datu Paiburong, the cutting of the prized buriraw nga kawayan (a yellow-colored variety of bamboo), and the heavy payment demanded by the man-eating monster, Makabagting, from Datu Paiburong for the crashing of his prized burugsak (gold bell). From the mountain of Panay Island, to the cities, this book reaches out to its varied readers in three languages: contemporary Kinaray-a, Filipino (Tagalog), and English.

A standard edition and an enhanced edition of TIKUM KADLUM: SUGIDANON (EPICS) OF PANAY (BOOK 1) by Frederico Caballero, Teresita Caballero-Castor, Alicia P. Magos PhD are now available on the following ebookstores:


Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | iTunes | Google Play


The enhanced edition includes an audio recording of the epic Pahagunong.


Also coming soon to iTunes and Google Play.


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Chino the Whiner & Darkness in the World

Happy holidays, readers! We rolled out new titles this week!

Chino the Whiner

by Bujit Gutierrez-Tesoro, illustrated by John Ed De Vera

chino the whiner

Chino has everything a little boy could ever ask for, but he whines and complains about anything and everything. Then, one day, something happens—he makes new friends, and through them, he learns never to take anything for granted ever again.

CHINO THE WHINER is available on the following ebookstores:

Amazon | Flipreads | Kobo | iTunes Google Play

Darkness in the World

by A.S. Santos

darkness in the world - cover

Samantha Davidson had been warned—by her powerful Guardian, no less—that dark days were coming. What she didn’t know was that many of these events would be brought about not just by past choices they have made, but also by a most dangerous sinister force that had been watching her every move, right from the start.

Pretty soon, strange incidents start happening to “sensitive people” worldwide, deeply disturbing paranormal events begin to escalate, and their own Student Paranormal Research Group falls under attack.

By the time Sam and her friends realize the bigger picture of their involvement in the paranormal, they already find themselves facing what they never thought they’d see in their lifetimes: a catastrophic event that could change the world.

Grab a copy of the much awaited final installment of the SPRG from:

Amazon | Flipreads | Kobo | Google Play

Have an amazing Christmas season! :)

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Hay, Naku! 2013: Pagsusuma ng Isang Peryodista

Halina’t magbalik-tanaw at magsuri ng mga isyu sa edukasyon, pulitika, midya, at lipunan at magnilay kung paano makaaapekto ang mga ito sa atin sa parating na taon sa HAY, NAKU! 2013: PAGSUSUMA NG ISANG PERYODISTA ni Danilo Araña Arao.

Ang librong ito ay pinagsama-samang mga artikulong isinulat ni Danilo Araña Arao na tumatalakay sa maiinit na isyu na naganap noong 2013.

Pagpapatuloy ito ng “personal at politikal na proyekto [ni Prop. Arao na] magbigay ng pagsusuring nagsisilbing alternatibo sa mga madalas na makuha sa dominanteng midya … [at] magsilbing gabay … para mas lalo pang maintindihan ang katangian ng pag-uulat at pagmumulat sa pamamagitan ng alternatibong midya.”

Mabibili ang HAY, NAKU! 2013: PAGSUSUMA NG ISANG PERYODISTA ni Danilo Araña Arao sa mga sumusunod na ebookstore:

Flipreads | iTunes | Google Play

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Ginhawa: Well-being in the Aftermath of Disasters — FREE on Flipreads

In light of the recent calamity that hit the country (Typhoon Ruby; international name: Hagupit), Flipside offers the book GINHAWA: WELL-BEING IN THE AFTERMATH OF DISASTERS by Lourdes Ladrido-Ignacio, MD for FREE on Flipreads.
To download the ebook for free and learn how we can help survivors cope, click here.

Here are the instructions for download:

1426366_453738654730539_974726209_n 1450708_453738951397176_1242371106_n

“The Philippines is highly vulnerable to disasters, both natural and human-induced. In the aftermath of a disaster, massive rescue and relief operations are required — medical treatment, food, clothing, shelter, and sanitation, the immediate reconstruction of infrastructure. But beyond the physical havoc wrought by disaster, the victims’ feelings of shock, fear, grief, perplexity, and helplessness need to be addressed. For the devastation in the lives of the people and their communities is manifest not only in the mud and debris — trauma may take root and fester in the psyche as well.

“This book discusses the importance of psychosocial care in disaster management. In presenting psychosocial intervention concepts, strategies, and programs, it demonstrates that crises and adversities in people’s lives need not remain misunderstood sources of disabling symptoms, but may be taken as challenges and opportunities for growth and the promotion of well-being, turning ‘victim’ into ‘survivor.'”

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