Flipside’s 2013 Releases

2013 was a good year for us at Flipside Publishing since we were able to release a whole bunch of amazing ebooks. Memoirs and comics and children’s books. Oh my!

Here’s some of what we released this year:

Christine Marie Quirino-Pacheco's Berry and the Megamess and Norma Chikiamco's Eat Rich Quick.

Christine Pacheco’s Berry and the Megamess and Norma Chikiamco’s Eat Rich Quick.


Ken Fuller’s The Long Crisis, Fernando Nakpil Zialcita’s Authentic Though Not Exotic, Dr. Carl Balita’s Prosperity, and the Republic of the Philippines’ Anti-Sexual Harassment Act.


Martha Cecilia’s Sagada: Nayakap Ko ang mga Ulap, Jessica Larsen’s A French FairyFail, and Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo.


Manix Abrera’s Kikomachine Anthology! Blg. 3, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s Trese 2: Rules of the Race, and Michael David’s Kubori Kikiam: Strips for the Soul Omnibus.


U Z. Eliserio’s Di Lang Anghel, Eliza Victoria’s A Bottle of Storm Clouds, A.S. Santos’ Corpse in the Mirror, and The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 edited by Dean and Nikki Alfar.

Check out the rest of our releases this year!

Biographies and Memoirs

  1. Imelda Marcos: The Rise and Fall of One of the World’s Most Powerful Women (Carmen Pedrosa)
  2. Lost and Found and Other Essays (Rica Bolipata-Santos)
  3. Report from the Abyss (Karl De Mesa)
  4. The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos (Carmen Pedrosa)
  5. Writing 30 (Carljoe Javier)

Children’s Stories

  1. Ang Pangungulila ng Isang Balyan (Rio Alma)
  2. Ang Tatlong Magandang Dilag ng Maningning (Vladimeir B. Gonzales)
  3. Berry and the Megamess (Christine Marie Quirino-Pacheco)
  4. The Loneliness of a Scarecrow (Rio Alma)

Comics and Graphic Novels

  1. Kikomachine Anthology! Blg. 2 (Manix Abrera)
  2. Kikomachine Anthology! Blg. 3 (Manix Abrera)
  3. Kubori Kikiam: Best Things in Life #2 (Michael David)
  4. Kubori Kikiam: Best Things in Life #3 (Michael David)
  5. Kubori Kikiam: Strips for the Soul Omnibus (Michael David)
  6. Trese: Case 1 (Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo)
  7. Trese: Case 2 (Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo)
  8. Trese: Case 3 (Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo)

Entertainment and Trivia

  1. Eat Rich Quick (Norma Chikiamco)


  1. A Bottle of Storm Clouds (Eliza Victoria)
  2. Bayaning Lamanlupa (U Z. Eliserio)
  3. Corpse in the Mirror (A.S. Santos)
  4. Di Lang Anghel (U Z. Eliserio)
  5. Epiko (U Z. Eliserio)
  6. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 8 (Nikki and Dean Alfar, eds.)
  7. Reconnaissance (Tara FT Sering)
  8. Takbo, Zombie, Takbo (U Z. Eliserio)
  9. The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 (Nikki and Dean Alfar, eds.)
  10. The Three Beautiful Sisters of Maningning (Vladimeir B. Gonzales)
  11. Spooky Mo (Marivi Soliven Blanco)

Public Domain

  1. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (Mary Wollstonecraft)
  2. Bulalakaw ng Pag-asa (Ismael A. Amado)
  3. Buntong Hininga (Pascual De Leon)
  4. Cahangahangang Buhay ni Santa Margarita de Cortona (Cleto R. Ignacio)
  5. Casaysayan ng Catotohanang Buhay ng Haring Clodeveo at Reyna Clotilde (Cleto R. Ignacio)
  6. Cinematografo (Jose Maria Rivera)
  7. Dakilang Asal (Aurelio Tolentino)
  8. Dating Pilipinas (Sofronio G. Calderón)
  9. Diccionario Ingles Español Tagalog (Sofronio G. Calderón)
  10. El Filibusterismo (Jose Rizal)
  11. Esperanza (Jose Maria Rivera)
  12. Florante at Laura (Francisco Baltazar)
  13. Hindi Biro Ang Anting-Anting (Jose R. Francia)
  14. Ibong Adarna
  15. Isa Pang Bayani (Juan L. Arsciwals)
  16. Juan Masili o Ang Pinuno ng Tulisan (Patricio Mariano)
  17. Justicia Nang Dios (Mariano Sequera)
  18. Kwaidan (Lafcadio Hearn)
  19. Masakim (Andrés Pascual)
  20. Mga Dakilang Pilipino (Jose N. Sevilla)
  21. Nang Bata Pa Kami (Pura Medrano)
  22. Nasawing Pagasa (Angel de los Reyes)
  23. Noli Me Tangere (Jose Rizal)
  24. Sonnets (William Shakespeare)
  25. Specimen Days (Walt Whitman)
  26. Tales from Shakespeare (Charles and Mary Lamb)
  27. The Collected Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe)
  28. The Devil’s Dictionary (Ambrose Bierce)
  29. The Essays (Francis Bacon)
  30. The Flowers of Evil (Charles Baudelaire)
  31. The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám (Omar Khayyám)

Professional and Technical

  1. Anti-Sexual Harassment Act
  2. Cybercrime Law
  3. Family Code of the Philippines
  4. Labor Code of the Philippines
  5. Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  6. Magna Carta for Public School Teachers
  7. Magna Carta of Women
  8. Migrant Workers Act
  9. Philippine Humanities Review: Volume 13, Number 2
  10. Philippine Humanities Review: Volume 14, Number 1
  11. Prosperity (Carl Balita)
  12. RH Bill

Religious and Inspirational

  1. Crumbs Shared (Most Rev. Jose C. Sorra)
  2. Life Is A Dance (Marissa Jarmin Hartwig)


  1. A French FairyFail (Jessica Larsen)
  2. A Hanky-panky Love (Haze Prado)
  3. From Storm with Chocolate Kisses (Luna King)
  4. From Uranus With a Flying Book (Luna King)
  5. Hershey’s Kisses (Allie Sia Alonzo)
  6. Life’s Sweetest Cake (Nicka Garcia)
  7. My Pretty Little Liar (Allie Sia Alonzo)
  8. My Pretty Sweet Serenade (Juris Angela)
  9. Pretensions and Lies (Haze Prado)
  10. Sagada: Nayakap Ko ang mga Ulap (Martha Cecilia)
  11. When the Love Falls (Maricar Dizon)


  1. After the Romance (Karin L. Gollin, James L. Kho)
  2. Authentic Though Not Exotic (Fernando Nakpil Zialcita)
  3. Bakwit (Jose Jowel Canuday)
  4. Dangerous Liaisons (Ruth Jordana Luna Pison)
  5. Introduction to Classical and Variational Partial Differential Equations (Doina Cioranescu, Patrizia Donato, Marian P. Roque)
  6. Mabuhay! (Marcial P. Lichauco and Carlos L. Quirino)
  7. The Long Crisis (Ken Fuller)

Thank you to all our authors, co-publishers, and readers for making this a meaningful year for us at Flipside.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

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