Ginhawa, Still Free and Without DRM for a Limited Time

Dr. Jasmine Vergara, a psychiatrist affiliated with the Philippine Psychiatric Association and World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Philippines), was trained by Dr. Lourdes Ignacio herself, the editor of Ginhawa: Well-Being in the Aftermath of Disasters. Her familiarity with the book has led her to share its benefits with her colleagues. “The book has helped me guide other mental health professionals and responders of disasters. It serves as my reference in providing practical psychosocial intervention strategies.”


Download the infographic to know how you can download your own copy.

She first shared the book with the staff of the Behavioral Health Division of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Palau (of which she is a member) during the 2012 Typhoon Bopha disaster response. She has again turned to this book for guidance and shared it with the volunteers of the Yolanda Medical Relief Operations. Doctors, health and rescue volunteers, partners from media, and other friends—the “Santas” in Opearation Santa— were able to learn vital psychosocial intervention strategies to appropriately help affected individuals. According to Dr. Vergara, the book helps “(highlight) the vulnerability that concerns our role as responders of disasters.”

Download Ginhawa from Flipreads, it’s still free and without DRM for a limited time. For more information about the ebook and how to download your own copy, please read this.

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