Getting Started with Ebooks


We love books, whether it’s print or digital. But whereas most readers have no hesitation picking up a print book, there’s some trepidation when it comes to ebooks.

Ebooks don’t have to be intimidating and can actually be a portable and convenient solution to some bibliophiles.

If you’re reading this on a web browser, here are two plugins that let you read DRM-free EPUBs (I’ll get to that later):

Once you’ve installed those plugins, you can download and read ebooks on your web browser from the following websites:

  1. Project Gutenberg: Search for a book, and click on EPUB.
  2. ManyBooks.Net: Search for a book, choose ePub (.epub) under Download.
  3. Make Use Of: Go to Ebooks and click on ePub.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll be doing a series of articles explaining ebook formats, digital rights management (DRM), ebook readers, where to legally obtain ebooks, and anything else you’d like to know (leave your feedback at the comments below!).

In the meantime, here are some free Apps which lets you read ebooks on your favorite device:

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May 2014 Releases

The month of May was quite busy indeed (as you may have noticed, readers, this post is a few days late!), but everyone’s work has paid off beautifully. Here are Flipside’s most recent titles.

Kubori Kikiam: Best Things in Life Omnibus

By Michael David

Dodon, Benjo, and Manny are back in the omnibus of the Best Things in Life series of Mike David’s Kubori Kikiam comics! Don’t you just love Mike’s brand of vulgar irreverence?

David -- KKBTiL OmniWarning: Mature Content. Includes explicit language, nudity and mutant food.

Welcome to the world of Kubori Kikiam! Meet Dodon, Benjo, and Manny – a trio of talking and walking streetfood. If you want your dishes unique, served with humor and a dash of bizarre, you’re in for a tasty treat.

In this second comic strip collection, Manny is heartbroken from a failed relationship with Melissa, whom he thought was a girl but was actually Stephanie (a censor strip) in disguise. What can Benjo and Dodon do to cheer him up? Bring him to a strip club, of course! They bump into their old enemy-turned-friend Edward, and with his help, the kikiams discover that the best way to cure heartache is with a lot of alcohol, quality bro time, and a club full of strippers.

Available on:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | iTunes | Google Play

Love Life: Embrace the person, the experience, the moment

By George Tolentino Gabriel

Love Life is a compilation of articles written by religious community leader George Gabriel for the youth magazine FiSH: The Zany Side of Loving God. Each chapter is a refreshing, bite-sized nugget of George’s unconventional wisdom, showing readers how to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and appreciating the beauties of life that we often take for granted.

Love Life -- resized

When author George Gabriel was younger, he had several failed relationships because he never wanted to commit. He wanted adventure. He was always searching for something. One day, he decided to take a break from romantic relationships. During that long break, God spoke to him powerfully. He revealed many things to George that helped him not only commit to his future life partner, but to live a truly happy life. He now wants to share that adventure with you.

Many of us wake up unexcited to live our day. Oftentimes we get caught up in life’s problems, demands, and distractions, forgetting to savor the moment, to feel the breeze, to look into the eyes of our loved ones. In Love Life, George compiles his editorials from the award-winning youth magazine, FiSH: The Zany Side of Loving God, to give you a fresh perspective to everyday living. Written for the young person in all of us, these simple, honest, down-to-earth stories, such as “Happy Biscuits,” “Win Your Mornings,” “My Super Friends,” “Find Your Balance,” “Life is a Song,” “The Master of the Mix,” and “F.A.M.I.L.Y” will help you see God in any situation you’re in.

“I rarely finish reading books other than those of my son, Bo — but I enjoyed George’s book so much. It’s really wonderful!” —Pilar Sanchez, Co-founder, Light of Jesus Family

“I was glued to every story. It’s actually the first book I’ve ever given as a gift to my friends!” —Lynch Madridejo, Corporate Manager

“Awesome stuff! It’s as entertaining as it is inspiring!” —Ryan Nacario, High School Student

Available on:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | iTunes | Google Play

Live Life: Making the Most of God’s Greatest Gift by Experiencing Each Day to the Full

By George Tolentino Gabriel

This is George’s second book, and is also a compilation of his articles from FiSH magazine. In it, he shows people how to make the most out of life, rather than merely settling for the bare minimum.

Live Life -- resized

Are you living or merely existing? Do you take life by the reigns or do you just let it pass you by? Do you strive to outdo yourself or do you simply do what’s required? It’s time to take charge and enjoy every moment God has blessed you with.

In his second book, Live Life, author George Gabriel challenges us to step up to the next level of living. This book is his story — how he decided that living life passively is not living it at all. He is no stranger to trials and suffering. But if there’s one thing he’s learned from all his experiences, it’s that we should tackle all of life’s ups and downs head-on, because God is present in each and every one of those moments.

Compiled once again from the editorial section of the award-winning youth magazine, FiSH: The Zany Side of Loving God, these simple stories about everyday life will inspire you to savor every second of your existence while marveling at the God who desires to reveal Himself to us in all things at all times.

Get ready to live life to the full!

Available on:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | Google Play

Big Day

By Anne Macalino Santos, illustrated by Mela Advincula

There was a time when Anne Santos never imagined she would write and publish her own book. Lo and behold! Her first foray into authorship is of a young boy who is all giddy about his first day of school. The book’s illustrations are by the very talented Mela Advincula.

Big Day -- resized

A boy is excited about his first day in school, and tells us all about the things he plans to do. He can hardly wait!

Available on:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | iTunes | Google Play

Like/Unlike: Kwentong Facebook Status at Politika ng Agam-agam

Inedit nina Rolando B. Tolentino at Rommel B. Rodriguez

Ano nga ba ang tungkuling ginagampanan ng social media sa mga buhay natin? Para kina Rolando Tolentino at Rommel Rodriguez, ang Facebook ang makabagong plataporma ng naratibo ng ating mundo. Ito ang nagsisilbing bagong dihital na uri ng talaarawan—hindi lamang ng mga indibidwal, kundi ng kabuuan ng ating lipunan.

LikeUnlike cover

Sa Like/Unlike, sinusuri nina Rolando B. Tolentino at Rommel B. Rodriguez ang Facebook bilang “plataporma at daluyan ng virtual na individualismo sa virtual na networking na komunidad.” Proyekto at hamon ng Like/Unlike na makapagbuo ng buong naratibo ang mga kontribyutor ukol sa kanilang sarili at sa mundo at komunidad na kanilang pinalilibutan mula sa “putol-putol at mistulang hiwa-hiwalay na ideya ng mga status,” at sa gayon, ipahayag na “[ang Facebook] na ang daluyan ng makabagong panitikan gamit ang makabagong plataporma ng teknolohiya, o hanggang sa uso [pa ito].”

Maaaring bilhin sa:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Flipreads | Kobo | Google Play

Grab your copies today!



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TRESE Cases 4, 5, and 6!



Good news, everyone! Alexandra Trese is back with three new cases. Aswang, duwende, ghosts—not a problem for our favorite detective.

Trese: Case 4
Our Secret Constellation

by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo


On a starless Saturday night, a man is attacked and killed in one of the clubs in Malate. The victim was a criminal who was able to remain free thanks to the court’s flawed system. The attacker possessed the strength and savagery of an aswang. Alexandra Trese must now track down the unstoppable executioner’s bloody crusade.

Available on

Amazon | Apple iTunes | Barnes & NobleGoogle Play | Kobo | Flipreads

Trese: Case 5
A Little Known Murder in Studio 4

by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo


After filming the final scene of her movie, the rising career of Heather Evangelista came crashing down on the floor of Studio 4. Her murder is somehow connected to the case of a missing duwende. Alexandra Trese steps behind the scenes of Manila’s showbiz industry and discovers the price one pays to become a star.

Available on

Amazon | Apple iTunes | Barnes & NobleGoogle Play | Kobo | Flipreads

Trese: Case 6

The Outpost on Kalayaan Street

by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo


The lone police outpost on Kalayaan Street overlooks the Manila South Cemetery. It is one of the few places where not much crime happens, considering most of the people they’re protecting are already dead. Although, not all of them are resting in peace. Some are restless and soon they will demand for justice.

Available on

Amazon | Apple iTunes | Barnes & NobleGoogle Play | Kobo | Flipreads

Watch this space as we shall be updating it as soon as the ebooks become available elsewhere. Grab a copy today!

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Summer 2014 Reading List

Summer is (finally) here!

No matter what your plans are, we’re hoping that you’ll have a bit more time for yourselves. Enough time to read a book or two (or five), perhaps?

FPSI Summer Reading List


Let us give you a nudge in the right direction. ;) Here are our top recommendations for Summer 2014!



Rising by Alen Rio
In the dystopian world of New America, all Eric Skye and his twin sister Melina want is to keep a low profile; to blend in with the rest of the orphans. To be left alone would be asking too much—orphans have to be put to some use, after all. But that’s all right. As long as they’re together, and each knows the other is safe, then working as slaves salvaging scrap metal suits them just fine. But when Melina is taken away to Commerce City and Eric is forced to join the militia, they both know that something is very, very wrong. They’ve both heard of the City’s scientists and the endless, strange experiments they perform. Eric has to find Melina. He has to get her back.

Woman in a Frame by Raissa Rivera Falgui
In a darkened hall in a plain white box of a building was a portrait of a woman, a girl, really—an old-fashioned girl in a modern frame, leaning against the wall. Other paintings similarly arrayed surrounded her, waiting to take their places in the gallery. Voices echoed in the room: a young man’s jeering and a young woman’s more tentative tones. Cool hands with long, delicate fingers lifted the portrait. Perhaps what drew the young woman to this painting was the incongruity of a girl, grave and formal, set within the vibrant, flowing curves of the carved art nouveau frame. Perhaps it was the sense of kinship she felt. For the young woman, Ning, was the daughter of an artist, dreaming of becoming an artist. She knew nothing of the girl in the portrait, only that the intensity captured in the glimmer of its brush-stroked eyes reflected her own. So begins Ning’s journey to her country’s colonial past to uncover the story behind the portrait—the story of Marcela. It is 1896, and Marcela, of the renowned Simbulan artist family from Pino, Laguna, has fallen in love with Julio Benitez, a Spanish peninsular just come from Europe to woo the town’s belle: Raquel Riola, mestiza heiress. Torn between loyalties to family and nation, desire and social expectations, childhood and maturity, Marcela must learn to navigate dreams and deceptions to free her silenced love and stifled craft.

Bayaning Lamanlupa by U Eliserio
Karaniwang tao lang naman si Mo—may kabaitan, may kahangalan minsan, walang kakaibang kakayahan—pero siya ang piniling maging kampeon ng Hari ng mga Lamanlupa. Baka nga tsamba lang din ang pagkapili sa kanya, pero ayan na rin. Binigyan siya ng kapangyarihan at inatasang magsilbing tagapagtanggol ng teritoryo ng Hari. At syempre, hindi kumpleto ang kwento kung walang love interest ang ating magiting na mandirigma.

The Viewless Dark by Eliza Victoria
When Anthony found Flo dead, locked overnight in one of the reading rooms of the university library, he knew it must have something to do with Mary Prestosa, a fourth-year graduating Philosophy student whom they had been investigating. Mary, who surprised her roommate one night by suddenly standing up from her bed, throwing the windows open, and jumping down headfirst to the dormitory grounds below. Mary, whose memory marked the trail of mysterious deaths and bizarre occurrences that followed her own fateful fall: the fifth-year Computer Engineering student who prowled the campus on all fours, thirsty for blood, believing he was a wolf; the revelation of an all-girls satanic cult; the demonic possession of a fourth-year student from the Department of Psychology; and now—Flo, dead. The students traced it all to Mary. They believed Mary didn’t commit suicide. They believed Mary tapped into something dark, and released it, and was consumed. And Anthony was determined to pry out the truth.


Voices in the Theater by A.S. Santos
Samantha Davidson has a secret: she can hear other people’s thoughts. Not everyone’s and not all the time, but it’s enough to convince her she can’t really trust anyone. Now, transplanted to a strange country, estranged from her family and peers, she begins to hear the voices of those no longer living or earthbound. Will she heed them as they lead her to a dark, forgotten corner of her past? Or will she surrender to the love and light offered by newfound friends, and learn to listen to the one voice she has long suppressed—her own?

Voices in the Theater is the first installment of A.S. Santos’ three-book Young Adult Paranormal Romance. Follow Sam and her friends in the Student Paranormal Research Group as they encounter bizarre and often dangerous supernatural occurrences, battle demons both spiritual and psychological, and navigate adolescence and young love.

Corpse in the Mirror by A.S. Santos
Samantha Davidson’s powers have been growing. Now, not only can she hear other people’s thoughts, but she can also sometimes see things through others’ eyes. They aren’t much—momentary glimpses, really—but these are dark things. Twisted things. Things she can’t bear to watch. But since she is the only one who can see them as they happen, she may be the only one who can prevent them from happening again.

Corpse in the Mirror is the second installment of A.S. Santos’ three-book Young Adult Paranormal Romance. Follow Sam and her friends in the Student Paranormal Research Group as they encounter bizarre and often dangerous supernatural occurrences, battle demons both spiritual and psychological, and navigate adolescence and young love.

Windmills by Josel Nicolas

ImageWindmills: Book 1 Bearkdowns
Windmills: Book 2 Bearly Standing
Windmills: Book 3 Bear in Mind
Windmills: Book 4 I’m Gonna Be-ar

Josel Nicolas’s furry komix autobiography is all once funny and moving and beautiful. See how Bear the bear (yes) goes through melancholia, existential dilemmas, abuse, mild alcoholism, friendships, and heartache.

Trese by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo

Trese: Case 1 At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street
Trese: Case 2 Rules of the Race
Trese: Case 3 The Tragic Case of Dr. Burgos

When night falls, drivers try to avoid Balete Drive in fear of seeing the lady in white. For decades, she has haunted that street shaded by those ancient trees. So, when a lady dressed in white is found dead on that very street, it becomes more than just another car accident. It becomes a case of Alexandra Trese. Indeed, how does one kill a ghost? This is Trese’s first case. Join her in this, and her next two cases, as she unravels the secrets behind things a lot of us would much rather not know about.

Bathala by David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez

ImageBathala Apokalypsis Chapter 1: Dreadful Horrors and Vengeances
Bathala Apokalypsis Chapter 2: A Young Dark Man
Bathala Apokalypsis Chapter 3: The Sun in Twenty Degrees of Taurus
Bathala Apokalypsis Chapter 4: When the Dead Will Come Out of Their Graves

What if there was only one superhuman in the whole world?
What if the world was about to end as predicted in the Book of Revelation?
What can one superman do to hold back the hand of the Almighty?

In Bathala: Apokalypsis, we are transported back to a 1999 that never quite happened, and introduced to the world of Andrew Carreon, reporter, and secretly, the mighty superhero Bathala.

It is a world where Andrew’s twin brother, Leonardo, is about to have his personality digitally mapped; a world where Bathala’s greatest enemy, Harold Hernandez, is about to strike a great blow against the planet’s champion. It is a world wracked by disaster and war and pre-millennial tension, whose gallant defender must now face his greatest challenge: a global catastrophe prophesied two thousand years ago.


12 by Manix Abrera
Manix Abrera’s 12 is a collection of twelve silent stories of sweet fancies and bitter fables. It is a sort of young-adult introduction to philosophy rendered in komix form, using the komix idiom in its confident dialectics: heroes, villains, serial killers, and self-aware animals still abound, but in place of captions and word balloons are panels of ponderous meaningful silence, and fight scenes—when they do occur—end in death, with nary a promise of any return.

Kikomachine Anthology! Blg. 2 Mga Piling Tagpo and Kikomachine Anthology! Blg. 3 Mga Piling Tagpo by Manix Abrera
Mula sa pinaka-asteeg na komikerong si Manix Abrera, heto na ang Kikomachinekomix Anthology blg. 2! Pinagsama-sama rito ang piling isyu ng Kikomachine Komix. Rakenrol!



Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology edited by Dean Francis Alfar
On November 7, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), the strongest storm ever recorded to make landfall, hit the Visayas region of the Philippines, devastating the provinces of Samar and Leyte. The storm claimed over 6,000 lives and leveled entire towns and cities. A few days after the storm, writer Dean Francis Alfar issued a call asking other writers to contribute stories for an anthology, the proceeds of which will go to charity. “Here then is the final result, an anthology of different stories by authors you’d never expect to share a same table of contents,” says Alfar. “A number are by well-established writers, bristling with previous publications. A few are first publications. What these stories have in common, besides being well-written and engaging, is that they all present because of the kindness of spirit of their authors. In the midst of catastrophe, I knew that my country did not stand alone.”

This collection includes stories by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Ken Scholes, Veronica Montes, Charie D. La Marr, Susan S.Lara, Karissa Chen, Berrien C. Henderson, Joel Pablo Salud, Laura McPhee-Browne, Kate Osias, Jeffrey Ford, Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz, Dan Campbell, Barry King, Celestine Trinidad, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Matthew J. Rogers, Vincent Michael Simbulan, Jay Wilburn, David B. Ramirez, Jason Erik Lundberg, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Michael Haynes, Andrew Drilon, Lilian Csernica, Gabriela Lee, Grant J. McMaster, Alexander Marcos Osias, Todd Nelsen, Alex Shvartsman, Fiona Mae Villamor, Isa Lorenzo, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Julie C. Day, Yvette Tan, Kenneth Yu, Tim Sullivan, Nikki Alfar, John Grant, and Cesar Miguel G. Escaño.

Alternative Alamat: Stories Inspired by Philippine Mythology edited by Paolo Chikiamco
Philippine mythology is full of images that ignite the imagination: gods of calamity and baldness, of cosmic time and lost things; the many-layered Skyworld, and weapons that fight their own battles; a ship that is pulled to paradise by a chain, and a giant crab that controls the tides… Yet too few of these tales are known and read today. Alternative Alamat gathers stories by contemporary authors of Philippine fantasy, which make innovative use of elements of Philippine mythology. None of these stories are straight re-tellings of the old tales: they build on those stories, or question underlying assumptions; use ancient names as catalysts, or play within the spaces where the myths are silent. What you will find in common in these eleven stories is a love for the myths, epics, and legends which reflect us, contain us, call to us–and it is our hope that, in reading our stories, you may catch a glimpse of, and develop a hunger for, those venerable tales.

The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are all born to a Filipino family; an aswang nanny passes on her powers to her young gay ward; a family’s freezer gets a surprise visitor; a young boy discovers how his brother turns into a superhero locked in an eternal struggle with the Forces of Chaos; a company makes a fortune selling diseases. The Philippine Speculative Fiction series showcases the rich variety of Philippine literature. Between these covers you will find magic realism next to science fiction, traditional fantasy beside slipstream, and imaginary worlds rubbing shoulders with alternate Philippine history—demonstrating that the literature of the fantastic is alive and well in the Philippines.

This anthology is a collection of what the editors consider thirty of the best stories from the first five volumes of Philippine Speculative Fiction, published from 2005 to 2010.



The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos by Carmen Navarro Pedrosa
First released in 1969, during a time of great uncertainty for the Philippines, this unauthorized biography of one of the most intriguing women in the world was banned in her own country. For writing it, Carmen Pedrosa, with her family, was exiled to London for 20 years.
Despite that, The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos became a local and international hit, selling out all of its print runs.
Now, decades after the end of Martial Law, the book returns to tell the story of Imelda Romualdez-Marcos to a new generation.
A modern Cinderella tale, The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos tells of how she rose from being a destitute child to becoming the most powerful woman of the country. Starry-eyed, penniless, and provincial, Imelda was in search of good fortune in Manila. Then came Ferdinand E. Marcos, a knight in shining armor, rescuing her from poverty and misery. “I will make you the First Lady of the land,” he promised her.

Complete, detailed, and replete with facts and documents that have been painstakingly hidden from the public by the administration’s image-makers, her life story unfolds, one truth at a time. It explains Imelda’s much vaunted charisma that, in President Marcos’ own words, garnered one million votes in the 1965 elections. She is a person who is difficult to be indifferent to. This book tells us why.

Report from the Abyss by Karl R. De Mesa
Noted horror and gothic writer Karl De Mesa shows off his other chops in this collection of creative non-fiction, a compilation of various essays from 1998 to 2011, over the course of his writing for magazines, newspapers, and other print publications. Whether he is recounting the years of his youth, growing up in the Philippine Left; proudly narrating his glorious (yet short-lived) experience producing an irreverent, vulgar TV show; warning tabloid readers of the dangers of giving in to the desires of sex-starved nocturnal entities; or lending a touch of humanity to the stories of anonymous prison inmates, De Mesa’s prose never fails to draw you in.



Happy reading!

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Confession ng Isang Bob Ong Fan

Inihahandog ng Flipside ang isang kakaibang nobela (talaga, kakaiba sya—basahin nyo) tungkol sa paghanga, pagmamahal, at pagkamulat. Ang Confession ng Isang Bob Ong Fan ni April Mae Berza.


Hangang-hanga si April kay Bob Ong. Pangarap niyang maging manunulat tulad ni Bob Ong. Pero nang sumali siya sa writing workshop, todo-todo naman ang pagbatikos ng makatang si Rio Alma kay Bob Ong. Imbis na madismaya, lalong lumakas ang loob ni April na sumunod sa yapak ng kanyang aydol. At kahit para lang din sa sarili niya, kailangan niyang malaman kung sino ba talaga si Bob Ong. Gagawin niya ang lahat para makilala ito. Mabuti na lang at may mabait na manunulat na gusto siyang tulungan.

Mabibili na sa mga sumusunod na ebookstores:

Amazon | Apple iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Flipreads

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Rising by Alen Rio (Orphan Warrior Series)

The Orphan Warrior Series by Alen Rio is the latest trilogy from Flipside. Here is its first book, Rising.

In the dystopian world of New America, all Eric Skye and his twin sister Melina want is to keep a low profile; to blend in with the rest of the orphans. To be left alone would be asking too much—orphans have to be put to some use, after all. But that’s all right. As long as they’re together, and each knows the other is safe, then working as slaves salvaging scrap metal suits them just fine. But when Melina is taken away to Commerce City and Eric is forced to join the militia, they both know that something is very, very wrong. They’ve both heard of the City’s scientists and the endless, strange experiments they perform. Eric has to find Melina. He has to get her back.


Start the adventure with Eric as we see him transform from orphan to warrior in an attempt to understand his world, his circumstances, and who he really is.

Get it from the following ebookstores:

 Amazon | Apple iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Flipreads

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Flipside Celebrates World Read Aloud Day 2014

Though it goes without saying, it really does bear mentioning: We here at Flipside LOVE to read. One of the reasons we work so hard to create beautiful, quality ebooks is to promote reading and the love of reading. And yet, there are still a lot of people who cannot read. According to LitWorld, an international non-profit organization that focuses on literacy, there are still about 793 million people who cannot read.

WRAD (blog-fb)

So today, on the first Wednesday of March, we are going to celebrate World Read Aloud Day, a chance to celebrate reading and storytelling with communities the world over. Flipside, along with other companies and organizations, has partnered with LitWorld by reading aloud in behalf of all those who cannot read.

The team came together and set aside a few minutes to read passages from some of our favorite books. Here they are!


Flipside’s author, A.S. Santos, creator of the Student Paranormal Research Group series, reads from book 1, Voices in the Theater.


Graphic Artist, Kevin Roque, reads an excerpt from Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.


Graphic Artist, Trizha Ko, reads an excerpt from The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.


Copy editor, David Ong, reads Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss.


Publishing Manager, Katz Navarro, reads an excerpt from Under A Tropical Sun by Pasky Pascual, and Go to Sleep, Kuting by Robert Magnusson.


Retail and Distribution Head, Charles Tan, reads from the anthology The Night Monkeys, “Behind the Old Aparador”, a story by Cyan Abad Jugo.


So pick up a book yourself and read it aloud for a loved one, near or far. If you can, take a video of yourself, too, and share it with LitWorld on Facebook or Twitter, or by email at

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

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